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Understanding Earnest Money in Colorado Real Estate Transactions

When it comes to real estate transactions, earnest money is a crucial component that often raises questions for both buyers and agents. To provide clarity, we sat down with Faith Vincent from Chicago Title to discuss the essentials of handling earnest money.

What is Earnest Money?

Earnest money is a deposit made to demonstrate the buyer’s serious intent to purchase a property. It acts as a good-faith gesture and is typically held in escrow until closing.

How to Deliver Earnest Money:

Chicago Title offers several convenient methods for delivering earnest money:

  1. Wire Transfer:

  • Contact the office to receive wire instructions verbally. For security reasons, these instructions are never emailed to prevent hacking and wire fraud.

  1. Cashier’s Check or Personal Check:

  • You can drop off a check at any of our locations.

  1. Remote Online Deposit:

  • Provide your closer or processor with the buyer’s contact information, including email and phone number.

  • The buyer will receive a link to take a picture of the front and back of their check for mobile deposit.

Security Measures:

To safeguard against wire fraud, always verify wire instructions verbally and avoid email communication for these details. This step ensures the security of your transaction.


Understanding the proper handling of earnest money is essential for a smooth real estate transaction. At Chicago Title, we offer multiple secure methods to make this process easy and safe for our clients. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


For more information or to discuss your specific needs, contact Jerad Larkin at Chicago Title. We are here to support you through every step of your real estate transaction.


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