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Classes & Events

Real Estate Video Pro: Workshop on Filming & Editing Videos


What Will You Learn?

  • Practical Filming Experience: Gain hands-on filming experience with individual and group assistance provided by Jerad, enhancing your video production skills.

  • Editing Skills with CapCut: Discover how to use CapCut, a free video editing app, through a step-by-step guide covering music, captions, b-roll, sound effects, and motion graphics, along with personalized editing support.

  • Finalizing and Sharing Videos: Learn how to finalize videos for social media, including strategies for effective sharing, engagement, and creating eye-catching thumbnails using Canva.

  • Workshop Outcome: Each participant will leave with a professionally edited video, ready for social media, to boost their real estate business presence.

New-Age Farming: Leveraging Data, Digital Ads, & Direct Mail to Find Deals

Real estate farming class for realtors in Denver

What Will You Learn?

  • Access to Premier Real Estate Software: Gain free access to Title Toolbox, a leading real estate software, for downloading comprehensive farm lists, identifying most likely sellers, and obtaining emails, phone numbers, leads, and more.

  • Effective Direct Mail Strategies: Learn the top five direct mail strategies that yield the highest response rates, enhancing your outreach effectiveness.

  • Social Media Advertising Skills: Acquire knowledge on how to run targeted Facebook and Instagram ads in your specific neighborhood or farm area.

  • Open House Promotion Techniques: Discover innovative ideas for promoting your open house events and engaging with neighbors effectively.

  • Targeting Potential Sellers: Learn methods to identify homes most likely to sell in an area, enabling focused and efficient marketing efforts.

  • Guidance for Newcomers in Farming: Receive step-by-step guidance on how to select a profitable farm area, especially beneficial for those new to neighborhood farming.

Real Estate Tech & Artificial Intelligence - What You Need To Know


What Will You Learn?

  • Exploration of Innovative Tools and Apps: Delve into an in-depth exploration of 10 cutting-edge tools and apps that are transforming the real estate industry, equipping you with the knowledge to stay at the forefront of a tech-driven market.

  • Enhancing Daily Efficiency: Learn practical solutions to improve your day-to-day efficiency. Discover how these innovative resources can streamline your workflow and optimize your professional activities in real estate.

  • Latest Advancements in Real Estate Tech and AI: Prepare for an eye-opening experience as we unveil the most recent advancements in real estate technology and artificial intelligence, keeping you ahead of the curve in the industry.

  • Strategies for Social Media Content Creation: If you're involved in creating content for social media, this class is essential. 

Real Estate Influencer Panels


What Will You Learn?

  • Insights from Top-Producing Agents: Gain valuable insights by listening to and learning from top-producing agents in the Denver Metro area who successfully use video and social media to enhance their business and secure deals.

  • Panel Discussions with Influencer Agents: Benefit from two panel discussions, each featuring four influencer agents, providing diverse perspectives and experiences.

  • Latest Trends in Lead Generation and Marketing: Stay updated with the latest trends and strategies that are currently effective in the realm of video content and social media marketing.

  • Practical and Implementable Ideas: Walk away with practical and actionable ideas that you can immediately incorporate into your social media strategy to boost your online presence and engagement.a

 Travel Hacking 101 - How to Vacation for (Almost) Free


What Will You Learn?

  • Credit Card Strategy for Points and Miles: Understand the entire process of strategically opening and closing credit cards to maximize the earning of travel points and miles.

  • Choosing the Right Credit Cards for Travel Goals: Learn how to select the best credit cards based on your specific travel goals, whether it's for flights, hotels, or cash rewards.

  • Access to VIP Airport Lounges: Discover how to gain free access to VIP airport lounges, enhancing your travel experience.

  • Valuable Points Programs: Gain insights into which points programs offer the most value, helping you focus your efforts for maximum benefit.

  • Proven Tips and Strategies: Benefit from tips and strategies I've learned since 2016, offering practical advice for playing "the points game" effectively.

  • Travel Hacking Insights: Understand the concept of travel hacking, which involves leveraging credit card points to travel for almost free, often in premium classes like First Class.

  • Personal Success Stories: Hear about my personal experiences with travel hacking over the past 7+ years, including how I've managed to fly practically for free, often in First Class.

1 CE Credit: Understanding Colorado Property Taxes & The Appeal Process


What Will You Learn?

  • Earn 1 CE Credit: Attendees will earn one Continuing Education credit, contributing to their professional development in the real estate field.

  • Understanding Property Assessment in Colorado: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how properties are assessed in Colorado, a crucial aspect of real estate brokerage.

  • Strategies for Appealing Property Values: Learn effective tips and strategies for appealing property values in Colorado, equipping you with the knowledge to assist clients in this process.

  • Educating Clients and Prospects: Leverage this knowledge to educate your clients and prospects, enhancing your ability to provide valuable assistance and advice.

  • Calculation of Property Taxes in Colorado: Understand the intricacies of how property taxes are calculated in Colorado, an essential component of real estate transactions.

  • Navigating Tax Assessment Appeals: Learn about the process and best practices for appealing tax assessments, a key skill in advocating for clients' interests.

Markets and Mindset: Monthly Real Estate Event


What Will You Learn?

  • Dual Focus on Business Acumen and Mental Preparation: Understand the importance of enhancing both your business skills and mental preparedness to thrive in the real estate industry.

  • Expert Speaker Insights: Gain valuable insights from expert speakers who specialize in various aspects of business growth and development, tailored specifically for real estate professionals.

  • Mental Preparation for Success: Learn from gifted professionals about the mental aspects of achieving success, including mindset strategies and psychological tools.

  • Practical, Real-World Lessons: Receive practical, real-world lessons that go beyond mere market updates or statistics reviews, focusing on actionable strategies for tangible results.

  • Monthly Learning and Growth: Benefit from a monthly event that consistently provides fresh perspectives and new techniques to keep you evolving in your career.

Facebook & Instagram Strategies
for Real Estate Agents


What Will You Learn?

  • Tips & strategies for posting content online

  • How to stay top-of-mind 24/7 with your Sphere

  • How to reach a larger audience of followers

  • Strategies to help generate real estate leads

  • How to automate your posts & social presence

  • How you can leverage social media for listings

  • Any questions you have! This is an interactive workshop for class attendees

Grow Your Real Estate Business with Video Marketing


What Will You Learn?

  •  Strategies to grow your real estate business with video

  • How to create real estate videos with your video camera or smartphone

  •  How to get over your "fear" of being on video

  • How to leverage video to prospect & stay top-of-mind on social media for real estate

  • Real estate video content ideas

How to Create Facebook & Instagram Ads for Real Estate


What Will You Learn?

  • Learn why "boosting a post" is the wrong way to spend money on advertising

  • Strategies to generate your own leads

  • How to create an ad from start to finish

  • How to run targeted ads to your database

  • Learn how to target an audience based on demographics, interests & behaviors

  • Learn how to retarget your prospects, sphere, & past clients

  • Walk away with ad ideas & strategies so you can leave & begin running ads!

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