How To Create Real Estate Videos To Get Leads

& Automate Your Business

What Will You Learn...?

  • How to create professional videos with your smartphone

  • How to get over your "fear" of being on video camera

  • How to leverage video to prospect & stay top-of-mind

  • Systems that will "automate" out a portion of your business

  • Video content ideas for both organic & paid social media

  • How to create video content that will generate leads 

Breakfast & Business Plans:

Learn How To Reach Your Business Goals

What Will You Learn...?

  • How to set realistic goals that have measurable metrics

  • The required prospecting & conversion numbers that you need to track

  • Legit strategies, ideas, and tools that will help you succeed

  • Every attendee will be given a customized Business Plan Worksheet to quantify their goals     

  • Walk away with 5+ new ideas, resources, & strategies to help you hit your goals!

How To Film & Edit Real Estate Videos

What Will You Learn...?

  • In this class, we are going to film and edit a video from start to finish.

  • Learn tips and tricks to filming professional and smooth video with your smartphone

  • Learn how to edit video - we will focus on video importing, splicing, effects, transitions, texts, and some graphics.

  • Learn how to export and upload

  • Learn the best video marketing strategies for social as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Instagram.


"New Age" Real Estate Farming

What Will You Learn...?

  • Learn about all the "new age" technology & tools to help you with real estate farming!

  • Learn how to target the homes most likely to sell in the next 12 months

  • Learn how to target the homes with "life-triggering events" such as deaths, divorces, marriages, and births

  • Learn how to specifically run Facebook and Instagram ads to your sphere

  • Learn how to retarget your farm over and over again with digital ads and stay top-of-mind!

Travel Hacking 101:

How To Vacation For (Almost) Free

What Will You Learn...?

  • The process of opening & closing credit cards to earn points

  • The best credit cards to open to meet you travel goals

  • The best points programs for you to focus on for flights/hotels

  • Tips and strategies that I've learned from playing "the points game" for many years

  • Learn how to fly to Europe roundtrip for (almost) free by simply opening one credit card

Web Design 101:  Let's Build A Website!

What Will You Learn...?

  • Literally learn how to build a website

  • Leave this workshop with the confidence to build your own website

  • Learn about landing pages, blogs, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Leave this workshop with an outline on how you want your website to look

  • Learn about the importance of opt-in forms and automated email drips

  • Learn tips, ideas, and strategies to help make your website (and business) stand out online!

How to Create Digital Ads:

Facebook / Instagram Advertising

What Will You Learn...?

  • Learn why "boosting a post" is quite frankly... a waste of your money

  • Learn how to generate your own leads

  • How to create an ad from start to finish

  • Learn how to target your list of contacts

  • Learn how to target an audience based on demographics, interests & behaviors

  • Learn how to retarget your prospects, sphere, & past clients so that they never forget about you!

  • Walk away with ad ideas & strategies so you can leave & begin running ads!