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3 Facebook Live Ideas For Your Real Estate Business


Did you know that YouTube is currently the top video research destination for buyers? Crazy, right? Especially considering the fact that I know hundreds on hundreds of real estate agents, and easily less than 5% of them even have a YouTube account created!

Video is not the future… it’s the now. Video is already taking over every social platform, and Facebook wants its cut. In fact, Facebook is attempting to compete with YouTube to position itself as the “go-to spot” for people to visit and watch videos.

Real Estate Facebook Live at West + Main Homes
Real Estate Facebook Live at West + Main Homes

The Launch of Facebook Live

In April of 2016, Facebook its Facebook Live platform to all Facebook users. Facebook Live is just what it sounds like… you can literally “go live” on camera to all of your friends and followers. You know what’s cool about Facebook Live? It’s one of the most effective methods to instantly reaching a large majority of your friends instantly… for free.

Out of all the content that you post on Facebook, Facebook Live has the greatest reach. Why is this? Because of the Facebook algorithm hierarchy… which looks like this…

1. Written Text – If you write something and post it, this will reach the fewest number of friends.

2. Photos – Your photos that you post will reach a greater number of your audience.

3. Video – Uploading a video to Facebook is a great way to reach a large number of your friends!

  • Pro Tip – Do not copy and paste your YouTube video into your Facebook post. Facebook wants to keep you on Facebook… it doesn’t want to send you to another website. Therefore, the links that you share won’t reach as broad of an audience.

4. Facebook Live – Live video is the top dog right now! Even if only a few people “tune-in” to your live video, Facebook will still reward you because it will place that live video near the top of your friends feeds and they will eventually see it!

Real Estate Facebook Live
Real Estate Facebook Live

Is Facebook Live weird? Yep. Is it uncomfortable and scary? I think so… but guess why Facebook loves it? Because the platform forces the user to show-off their true authentic self on live camera…

  • You can’t use a script (because you’re live).

  • There are no “re-do’s” or “re-records.”

  • You might say something that you normally wouldn’t.

  • It’s possible that you’ll make a mistake (or many!).

  • You may even trip, fall, or bump into something while live! (I’ve done it!).

Non-professionally produced video content is now considered cool. Viewers are sick and tired of scripted videos that are unauthentic and fake. They want to see the “unedited version” of you because you are putting your vulnerable self out there. Also, with Facebook Live already 2+ years old, it’s still a relatively new concept in a lot of markets. What does this mean for you? “Land-Grab” that Facebook Live market while you still can!

Real Estate Facebook Live
Real Estate Facebook Live

3 Real Estate Facebook Live Ideas:

1. Open Houses – Show off your houses to your audience! Create the opportunity for viewers to ask questions and leave comments. Live open house videos also allow people in other states to see the listing!

2. Strategic Partnerships – This is a highly effective strategy because partnership videos allow you to tap-in to audiences outside of your network! For example, host Facebook Live sessions with:

a. Loan Officers

b. Home Inspectors

c. Home Insurance Experts

d. Title Insurance Experts

e. Local Business Owners – I love this one!

3. Host a Q&A - Answer Commonly Asked Questions – Most of your existing and potential clients are going to be lost on where to begin when looking to buy or sell a home. Focus on a theme for discussion, and encourage your viewers to ask questions for you to answer.

Live Video is here to stay, so you might as well jump on board before everyone else does! Facebook Live Video is the most inexpensive way to instantly reach a large number of your friends and followers… do it!


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