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You don't know WHAT TO SAY on Camera? ✋ Dive into the world of AI-driven scripting and teleprompter

In today’s digital age, creating engaging video content quickly is crucial for staying ahead in the real estate market. I’m Jerad Larkin from Chicago Title, and I’m here to share a total hack for producing video content efficiently using the CapCut app. This tool is a game-changer for real estate agents looking to enhance their marketing with fast, professional videos.

Streamlining Video Production with CapCut

1. Getting Started with CapCut: First, download CapCut for free on your mobile device. It’s a user-friendly app that’s perfect for quick video editing and content creation.

2. Initiating Your Project: Open CapCut and tap on the edit scissors icon, then expand to start a new project. This is where your video creation journey begins.

3. Using the Camera and Teleprompter: Click on the camera option to start recording. Ensure it’s flipped to face you. The teleprompter feature is incredibly useful; it allows you to script your content beforehand and read it seamlessly while recording.

4. Customizing Your Script: Utilize the AI writer in CapCut to generate a script for your video, like tips for selling a home in spring. You can adjust the speed, color, and content of the teleprompter to suit your needs.

5. Recording Your Video: With the script in the teleprompter, you’re ready to record. After filming, you can either edit the video directly in CapCut or save it to your phone for further editing.

6. Finalizing Your Content: Once you’ve stopped recording, save the video. You can then polish it in CapCut or transfer it to another editing software of your choice.

Why Quick Video Content Creation Matters

For real estate agents, timely and relevant video content can significantly impact your ability to attract and engage clients. With tools like CapCut, you can produce quality videos that highlight properties, share market insights, and showcase your expertise.

Conclusion: Embrace Efficient Video Marketing

By integrating CapCut into your content creation process, you can produce high-quality videos faster than ever. This efficiency allows you to maintain a consistent online presence, crucial for building trust and authority in the real estate industry.

Stay tuned for more tips and tools that can help enhance your marketing strategies. I'm Jerad Larkin with Chicago Title, committed to empowering you with innovative solutions for your real estate business.


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