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Real Estate Farming Tool for Agents, Lenders, Investors, and Wholesalers | Title ToolBox Walkthrough

Updated: Jan 25

Real Estate Farming Step-By-Step System for Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Investors, and Wholesalers. Download Title Toolbox for Free and learn how to download a real estate farm list, find homes most likely to sell, download homeowner property information, and more.

This Real Estate Farming video will cover:

  • Farming with Title Toolbox

  • How to find Homes Most Likely to Sell

  • How to find Empty Nesters in Neighborhoods

  • How to download a Real Estate Farm List

  • How to find emails and phone numbers for properties

  • How to find Real Estate Leads in a Neighborhood

➡️ Contact Jerad Larkin with Chicago Title for free access to Title Toolbox


If you work within the real estate industry, then I wanna share with you a tool that's probably gonna be valuable for you, regardless of whether you're a real estate agent, a lender, an investor, you do wholesaling, really, anything within real estate, I wanna share with you a tool here from us at Chicago Title called Title ToolBox.

I think it's important because it can pull information on any property within the United States, whether you're farming an area, whether you wanna pull contact information on one specific property, you can do that within Title ToolBox. If you're trying to pull list of homes, most likely to sell within the next 12 months, you can do that within Title Tool Box. I'm gonna go ahead and do a demo today, so that you can walk through Title Tool Box with me, learn how to use it, that way you feel comfortable using it, downloading your own farm list, downloading your own list of homes most likely to sell, downloading your own leads, if you wanna generate your own leads, all of that is accessible within Title Tool Box.

You can get access to Title ToolBox by reaching out to me, Jerad Larkin with Chicago Title. I'm happy to set you up with an account compliments of Chicago Title, and you'll receive an email with a temporary password. Go ahead, open that email, log in to Title ToolBox through a temporary password. Go ahead and change your password and set up your account. So here I am on my screen. I'm gonna go ahead and log in to Title Tool Box. Our URL is So make sure you're logged in on the right webpage. I'll go ahead and log into my account. And now that I'm logged in, I'm gonna go ahead and hit the top left corner. I'm gonna click on the Chicago Title logo, which will then pull up a map. From here, the mapping feature, you can then do a variety of different things.

If you're doing anything related to searching for a property or a farm area, I'd recommend selecting the Farming drop down. And then now you have options. If say, for example, you are trying to micro farm a radius around existing listing, you may wanna do the radius search and type in the address for the property. If you're going after a specific boundary, then you go ahead and choose boundary. If you wanna start super broad, start with area search and you can hone your way in by selecting say, for example, state, county, city, zip code, et cetera, and hone in that way, which I recommend if you're trying to buy your own leads. Right now, I wanna focus on boundary search.

So let's go ahead and choose boundary search, and then let's just type in an address to get us to a general location. So I've gone ahead and typed in the address to our Cherry Creek office here with Chicago Title. The map always starts off very zoomed out. So I'm gonna zoom in because I can't see anything. Zoom in far enough so that I can map around where my farm area is. So let's pretend that my farm area is gonna be over here. So I'm gonna go ahead and click. And I'm gonna click. And I'm just going to go ahead and draw around my farm area, okay? Now, a lot of people mess this up. So just quick tip here, you have to double click to close the farm area box. So I'm gonna go ahead and come up to this corner. Double click, one, two, boom.

And if you did that properly, a new screen will pop up up here, and now you can choose the next symbol, okay? Go ahead and click Next. Now, this area search box pops up. From here now, you can start adding additional filters to your farm area, okay? It always will default with single family residential homes as well as condominiums. If you don't want condominiums, go ahead and exclude them. If you're going after specific property types, maybe it isn't single family res, if you're going after other types of properties within an area, hit this dropdown and choose the property type that you wanna select.

For this example, we're just gonna do SFR and continue forward. If you wanna filter out homes that have sold within the past several years, maybe you don't wanna market to those properties, you could come over here to Purchase Date, and you could go ahead and select Before. And let's just say, anyone that has purchased before, you know, two years ago, right? May 2020, 'cause we're in 2022. That would be a filter. I'm gonna go ahead and just leave this off for now for example purposes. I don't wanna mess with that. But I do wanna share with you some other valuable filtering options.

From left to right, if we keep going over, we can filter by mail carrier route, which is cool. If you're using every door direct mail, you can actually go ahead and target specific carrier route which can be valuable as well. I wanna click over to custom filters. This is the one where you're probably gonna wanna spend the most of your time. Everything on the custom filters tab is completely free to download. So I really like the Next Seller category.

If you wanna go after a specific set of homes, say you wanna hit 200 homes around a listing, I would recommend using this Next Seller category, clicking the dropdown and clicking Yes, because now you're hitting the homes that are predicted to most likely sell within the next 12 months. In this scenario, gonna go ahead, click Get Count. It's gonna tell you how many homes there are, okay? In this scenario, there's 94 homes that are believed to sell within the next 12 months. I'd rather hit those homes than just a blanket random list of homes. So if that's valuable for you, you can then click Download View Records and download that farm list and go ahead and target those homes. So that's one scenario.

Another scenario here is maybe you're going after empty nesters. Maybe you're going after an older demographic. There's an Empty Nester category. You can click this dropdown right here and click Yes. And this is anyone who's owned a home for at least 30 years or longer. And it's at least three bedrooms or greater. And the idea here is that these homeowners are eventually looking to downsize because they may just have too much home for them. And they're an empty nester. So that's the Empty Nester category. I think those two categories are very valuable.

Of course, we've got all the other stuff. We've got Non-Owner Occupied, Out of State, et cetera. So feel free to select and choose the categories that you want. Now, next up over here to the right is the Premier Data category. This is where we get into purchasing leads, purchasing email addresses, purchasing phone numbers. So starting off with phone and emails, if you wanna buy phones and emails, it costs 12 cents per property per match. So what that means is you're gonna pay 5 cents per phone number found 7 cents per email. Combined, that's 12 cents per record.

You are only charged for the contact information that is found, and how you are charged work like this. When you sign up and you decide that you wanna purchase something, it's going to go ahead and ask for you to put a credit into the account via credit card. So say for example, you wanna buy $50 worth of leads or emails and phones, you'll go ahead and put that on the credit, and then you will use that credit to purchase that list.

So say for example, you wanna purchase $50 worth of emails and phone numbers, it will charge you up front the $50, and then any emails and phone numbers that aren't found after about a half an hour or so, it's gonna go ahead and credit you back into your account the money for the emails and phones that were not found. So I hope that makes sense, 'cause some people get a little confused there like I did personally.

Next up, leads. If you click on Leads, this is where you can select all types of leads within the area, right? So you can go ahead and see what leads are available. There may only be a select few leads available. So you have to pick and choose what you want. But if you wanted a lead, let's say you want liens, right? That were filed within the last 12 months, right? You could get the count for that and you could figure out how many of those leads are within the area that you selected. So we've got 83 properties here for $62.25. Now, what I like about this system is you don't have to stop there.

You can further filter down and try to pull higher quality leads. So next, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click over to the mortgage info tab. This tab right here is where you can now search and sort by certain types of lenders, interest rates, all the nitty-gritty information on loans, how much equity that the homeowner has in the home. That might be something of value. So if I personally was gonna buy these leads, I'd filter further down. I'd filter further down, and I would choose loan to value ratio.

And I would probably wanna go ahead and maybe filter and only purchase the leads where the homeowner has 50% or more equity within the home. That way, I know that they have some capital within the home that could use that to pay off, say for example, the lien, and then they can make decisions on whether or not they wanna buy or sell real estate. So this filtering is very, very valuable.

I highly recommend you take a look at it. If you are a lender and you're looking for refinance opportunities, you may wanna look at this category up here where you can filter by interest rate. So depending on when you watch this video and where rates are, let's say we wanna filter by leads that have a rate say higher than or equal to five and a half percent. Maybe there's a refinance opportunity there, right? There's six properties. I'd go after those. Those are probably higher quality than the initial set that we had. So that's the lead stuff. That's the phones and emails. That's some of the information on the farm list, okay? I highly recommend jumping into this, playing around with it. Check it out.

If you have any questions on Title Tool Box, reach out to me, Jerad Larkin, with Chicago Title. Happy to sit down with you. Lastly, if you do end up pulling the phones and emails within this database system, one thing that I can help you with is also targeting a list of contacts via Facebook and Instagram ads.

So if you're farming, you can download your farm list. You can then pull the email addresses and phone numbers and then you can run ads on social media to these people. So now, they're seeing your direct mail. They're seeing you on social media, they're seeing you maybe in person, and all the other stuff that you're doing combined.

So reach out to me, Jerad Larkin, if you have any questions and look forward to working with you hopefully sometime in the future at Chicago Title. All right, talk to you later. Bye.

➡️ Contact Jerad Larkin with Chicago Title for free access to Title Toolbox


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