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List of Foreclosed Properties in Colorado | Colorado Foreclosures | Notice of Election and Demand

Updated: Jan 25

Looking for a Real estate FORECLOSURE list in Colorado? The Notice of Election and Demand List, aka NED List, is sent out once per week. The Colorado NED List is shared with real estate Investors who want to learn about upcoming CO Real Estate Foreclosures. Contact me to receive the weekly list.

Here at Chicago Title, we send out a weekly list of foreclosures. If you'd like to be on the weekly Colorado real estate notice of election and demand list, just send me an email, send me a message, give me a call.

"In Colorado, a document (1) indicating that a lender is the beneficiary of a deed of trust encumbering a parcel of real property; (2) stipulating that the borrower is in default on the underlying obligation; and (3) requesting that the public trustee commence foreclosure proceedings to satisfy the debt. The document is submitted to the public trustee (and recorded) and marks the beginning of the foreclosure process."

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Click here to learn more about the foreclosure timeline in Colorado.


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