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Real Estate Listing Book(Professionally Bound) For $15

Updated: Jan 25

Do you have an active real estate listing or a listing presentation coming up? I want to share with you these customized listing property books that will help you further STAND OUT to the seller.

Our professional-looking property books are ONLY $15.

The property book is bound and fully created and customized just for your listing. These real estate property books are great to share with your seller for:

  1. Listing Presentations

  2. Open Houses / Home Tours

When you open up this binder, it covers A LOT of information on the property, whether it's the listing information, the neighborhood information, utilities, HOA information, school info, plat maps, covenants, et cetera.

Whatever you want us to put in there, we can do this for you. Like I said, these are $15 here at Chicago Title.

If you'd like access to a property book for any of your listings or an upcoming presentation, all I need is a couple of things from you. I just need the following:

  1. The subject property address

  2. A photo of the subject property

  3. Your headshot

  4. Your company logo

  5. The address that you want the property book mailed to

We can usually get the property book created and mailed to you within 1-2 business days. Contact me if you would like a property book created for a property.

If you'd like access to other real estate tools, resources, marketing strategies, and upcoming classes that I'm hosting and teaching...

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