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Chicago Title Walking Farm App (Free Download)

Updated: Jan 25

Real estate agents who door-knock or farm a neighborhood for real estate should download this free real estate app. Realtors who farm a neighborhood for new business or are looking for deals should consider the Chicago Title Walking Farm App. The Walking Farm App from Chicago Title allows real estate agents to download and identify homeowner data, property profiles, current rentals, out-of-state owners, and more. Create a farm area and identify owner-occupied homes and non-owner-occupied homes.

If you work in real estate and you do any sort of door knocking, or maybe you drive through neighborhoods looking at homes and you really just want access to quick information and data on any particular property, I want to share with you a tool right now.

It's an app, it's free, it's from Chicago Title. It's called the Chicago Title Walking Farm app and this is it right here. We can sign you up for the Walking Farm app if you find this valuable.

I just want to show you what it does real quick. Let's say you're in a neighborhood. Let's say you're gonna do some door knocking and you wanna maybe only knock the owner-occupied homes and you want a little bit of information on the homeowners.

Well, you can actually come in to this app right here, and you can actually create your own Farm. You can actually take the polygon tool and you can actually draw a map around the exact area that you're gonna door knock.

And once it creates that Farm area, you then have information on every single home, whether they're owner-occupied or they're renter. You can actually click on each property, you can add in notes within the app, you can also email all of this data to use so that you have it later on.

This is the Chicago Title Walking Farm app. It may be valuable for you with your boots on the ground doing some door knocking. Reach out to me, Jerad Larkin with Chicago Title. I'm happy to sign you up with it for free.

And then of course, if you want access to other real estate tools, real estate resources, real estate marketing strategies that are gonna help you grow your business, check out my website and sign up for my video email newsletters.

Lastly, after that, if you have any real estate title or escrow questions, I would love to answer your questions, I'd love to help you out. I'm Jerad Larkin with Chicago Title. Hope to send another video to you soon.


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