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Win $100 in Our Exciting Video Editing Guessing Game!

Updated: Jan 27

I'm thrilled to announce an engaging and fun contest where your keen eye for detail could win you a cool $100! Yes, you read that right. It's all about guessing the right price and walking away with a cash prize.

The Backstory

As a content creator, I've always found video editing to be a challenging yet rewarding part of the process. Recently, I decided to take a step back from editing and explore the world of freelance video editors. This led me to, where I discovered a plethora of talented individuals ready to showcase their skills.

The Contest

I selected five different editors to work on the same video – a single-take piece where I discuss the intriguing topic of title insurance. Each editor was given free rein to add music, graphics, captions, and their unique touch to the video. The catch? The payments varied – two editors received $5 each, two got $10 each, and one was paid $20 for a 90-second edit.

How to Participate

  1. Watch the Videos: I'll be posting the edited videos on my Instagram. Swipe through them and witness the diverse creativity of each editor.

  2. Make Your Guess: Once you've seen all the edits, it's time to put on your guessing hat! Comment on the Instagram post with how much you think I paid each editor.

  3. Win $100: The first person to correctly guess the price for each video wins $100 cash. It's that simple!

Why This Contest?

This contest isn't just about winning money; it's a celebration of creativity and the diverse ways different editors can interpret the same footage. It's also a fantastic way to highlight the talent available on platforms like Fiverr and how they can transform content in unique ways.

Tips for Guessing

  • Pay attention to the details in each video. Consider the quality of graphics, the synchronization of music, and the overall editing style.

  • Think about the market rates for video editing and how they might apply to different levels of expertise.

Join the Fun!

I'm super excited to see your guesses and award a sharp-eyed winner with $100. This contest is a testament to the creativity and skill of freelance editors and a fun way for us to engage with the art of video editing.

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @MILEHIGHTITLEGUY to participate and stay updated on future contests and content.

Happy guessing, and may the best detective win!

VIDEO A: $10 - Sheraz Khan


VIDEO B: $20 - Ikram


VIDEO C: $5 - Malik Asim


VIDEO D: $10 - Mayomi Fernando


VIDEO E: $5 - Ghazi Khan


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