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When is the BEST Time for Real Estate Agents to Post on Facebook and Instagram?

Updated: Jan 25

Are you someone who creates content for Facebook and Instagram, and you’re wondering when is the best time to post online to get the most views and interactions? In this video, we’re going to answer that question!

First of all, the best time to post is going to vary from person to person. We all have different followers and those individuals are all using Instagram and Facebook at different times. Luckily though, Facebook and Instagram provide us with insights on our followers for each of our business profiles. This allows us to find out when the majority of our followers are on each platform. By knowing this, we can strategically post at certain times on certain days so that we can reach more of our followers.

Here’s how you can find out when is the best time to post for Facebook… On your desktop computer, go to your Facebook business page, and look on the lefthand side and click “Insights,” and then click on “Creator Studio.” A new tab will open up to access the Creator Studio in Facebook. From here, on the left side, click on “Audience,” and then the tab at the top called “Total Followers.” This is where you'll be able to see when your followers are online. Click the different days and hours of the week to see just how many of your followers are online at certain times. You now know the best days and times to post on your Facebook business page.

Now, what about your Instagram account? If you have an Instagram business or creator account, you can access your follower insights from your mobile device. So, using Instagram on your phone, go to your profile and in the middle, you'll see that “Insights” button. Tap that button and scroll down until you see, “Your Audience,” and tap on “Total Followers.” Next, scroll down to the very bottom and you'll be able to see the most active times that your followers are on Instagram, broken down by days and hours. These are currently the best times of day to post, and the best days to post. Remember, your Instagram insights will look different than mine.

Well, I hope you found that helpful. Now that you know the best days and times to post on Facebook and Instagram, you can strategically get more engagement on your posts. If you have any questions on this or any specific marketing questions that you want me to answer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I’d love to help.

And lastly, if you’d like to receive more marketing tips like this, and learn about other useful tools and resources to help you grow your business, visit my website, and sign up for my video email newsletters.


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