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Video Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents - How & Why?

Updated: Jan 25

You know you’ve heard it before... people do business with other people who they know, like, and trust. Well guess what? Video can do exactly that!

Your videos have the potential to get you in front of your target audience 24/7, constantly keeping you “top of mind” and generating leads. Whether if it’s for your website, social networks, blog, email, or anything else, video will help generate more business.

"How Can Video Marketing Help My Real Estate Business?"

So, how can you leverage video in your business? You can use video to...

  • Drive traffic to your website

  • Reach out to new leads

  • Nurture existing prospects

  • Share your expertise on a real estate topic

  • Constantly stay in touch with your sphere off influence

  • Generate new leads

  • Attract more repeat and referral business

  • Further brand yourself as the “go-to” professional

How Much Is Camera Equipment for Real Estate Videos?

Did you know that for less than $1,000 you can buy camera equipment that will produce professional looking videos? Yep, that’s right. A DLSR (digital single lens reflex) or mirrorless ILC (interchangeable lens camera) do exactly that. Don’t believe me? Here’s a quick example…

"What Should I Make My Real Estate Videos About?

Ok, so if you now know that video will grow your business AND it’s affordable, how can you use video in real estate? Well, simple. Share videos that ADD VALUE for your target market. Put yourself in their shoes. What questions do they have? What information are they looking for? Here are some ideas to get ya started...

Make a Video on a Subdivision or Community...

  • Talk about the local schools, businesses, parks, cool restaurants, etc.

Create a Video Series...

  • For example, if you’re targeting transplants, do a video series that walks them through the steps on finding an area to live in

What Is the Home Buying Process?...

  • Walk the consumer through the process, from searching for neighborhoods to moving into the home

What's the Process When Listing a Home?...

  • This is a great opportunity to SELL YOURSELF and share how you do things different from the competition!

How Does Financing Work? What’s the Process When Buying a Home?...

  • This is an awesome opportunity for you to convert renters and other confused consumers into potential buyers!

Frequently Asked Questions from Clients...

  • What is title insurance? Earnest money? Do I get the keys at closing?

Tell Me About {X} City and What Makes It so Special? What Does It Have to Offer?...

  • Location, amenities, distance from airport, lifestyle, things to do, job, transportation, etc.

Tell the Consumer About Your Listing...

  • Where is it? Curb appeal, bedrooms, baths, flooring, landscaping, appliances, unique characteristics?

My Final Thoughts on Video for Real Estate

Overall, that’s just some foundational knowledge to help get you thinking more about video for your real estate business. The ideas (and opportunities) in real estate are HUGE, and it still amazes me how few real estate professionals utilize video.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS on video, you can contact me at...

Jerad Larkin



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