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Seller Association Authorization (SAA) Document for Listings With Homeowners Associations

Updated: Jan 25

The Seller Association Authorization (SAA) Document for Real Estate Listings With Homeowners Associations in Colorado is recommended to be completed BEFORE your listing goes under contract.

**Also - If you have a real estate listing with an HOA and you're worried about getting ahold of the HOA docs once it's under contract, contact me and we can open a TBD order BEFORE it goes under contract.

The SAA for Colorado Real Estate can be downloaded below...

2022 Seller Association Authorization Chicago Title
Download PDF • 64KB

Hey, what's going on?

This right here is the Seller Association Authorization document also known as the SAA. And if you're a real estate agent that has a listing that has an HOA, you may wanna listen up because this document can save you time if you have it filled out before you go under contract.

Basically, what it says, it's 2 pages. You can either download it and fill it out through CTME contracts, or just scan this QR code right here and download it right now.

Have this filled out. You'll be prepared. It's gonna help you. If you got tight deadlines on getting the HOA docs, basically it gives us, Chicago Title, permission to go out and use our third party company, Association Online, and charge $60 as of the time of this video, to go out and get the docs for the seller.

If you fill this out before you go under contract and give it to us, we're gonna be more prepared. There's gonna be less back and forth with us and the seller and getting this filled out.

So I highly recommend checking this out, downloading it or filling it out through CTME contracts. I'm Jerad Larkin, I'm with Chicago Title.

If you have any questions about this or any other real estate, title, escrow, or marketing questions, please reach out to me. I'd be happy to help you out.

There's your tip for the day. All right, bye.


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