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Real Estate Farming & Data Tool for Realtors: Title Toolbox

Updated: Jan 25

Realtors can download data on almost any type of property (Residential and Commercial Properties) within the USA with Title Toolbox. Title Toolbox is valuable for Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Real Estate Investors, and more.

➡️ Contact Jerad Larkin with Chicago Title for free access to Title Toolbox

Why Title Toolbox for Real Estate Agents and Lenders?

  • 🏘 Title Toolbox pinpoints the best farming areas by Turnover Rate.

  • 📲 Title Toolbox offers high-quality phone numbers and emails for properties

  • 💰Title Toolbox can provide a list of homes most likely to sell in the next 12 months

  • 🏚 Title Toolbox allows real estate investors to search for opportunities to buy properties for wholesaling or flipping

  • 🔎 Title Toolbox can search for specific property data such as:

    • Mortgage information (interest rates, loan types, lender names, LTV ratios)

    • Empty Nesters, Next Sellers, Out-of-State Owners, Non-Owners

    • Leads: Affidavit of Death, Bankruptcy, For Sale By Owner, Notice of Default, Notice of Trustee Sale, Lis Pendens, For Lease By Owner


Real Estate friends!!! If you do any sort of...

  • Real estate farming

  • Micro-farming / Circle-Prospecting a listing

  • If you ever need to pull email addresses or phone numbers

  • Need high-quality leads for properties anywhere in the United States...

This tool can help you.

Today I'm sharing with you a very valuable resource called Title Toolbox from Chicago Title.

Title Toolbox can pull farm lists, email addresses, phone numbers, high-quality leads, and more.

Anyone with access can log in to their account and instantly download their farm list(s).

If you'd like to learn more about Title Toolbox, contact me.

If you find this tool to be valuable, I recommend checking out my website and signing up for my video email newsletters.

➡️ Contact Jerad Larkin with Chicago Title for free access to Title Toolbox


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