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I Paid 11 Video Editors to Make a Video... Here are My FAVORITE Video Editors!

Updated: Apr 14

I paid 11 video editors & I spent a total of $153 to find my video editor...

I now I pay him $10 per video...

As Jerad Larkin with Chicago Title, I constantly explore cost-effective solutions in the digital realm to enhance my marketing strategies. This quest led me to embark on an intriguing experiment: I hired 11 video editors from Fiverr, each with the task of editing a short reel video to a song.

My objective was clear – identify the best video editing talent offering the most bang for the buck. In this blog post, I'll take you through my journey, sharing the insights I gained, the costs involved, and, most importantly, the results of my quest for exceptional yet affordable video editing services.

The Experiment Setup:

I ventured onto Fiverr with a mission: to find video editors who could craft engaging 60-second videos without breaking the bank. With a budget ranging from $10 to $30 per editor, I set the stage for a diverse range of creativity and skill. Each editor received the same brief, ensuring a fair and balanced comparison. The task was straightforward – edit a short reel video synchronized with a pre-selected song.

Evaluating the Results:

The outcomes were fascinating, revealing a spectrum of talent and value. I meticulously reviewed each edited video, assessing them based on criteria such as creativity, technical skill, adherence to the brief, and overall impact. This allowed me to grade each editor's work objectively, providing a clear view of who delivered the best value for money.

The Verdict:

My experiment unveiled some hidden gems – talented video editors who could deliver high-quality work for as low as $10! These individuals demonstrated that budget constraints don't necessarily compromise quality. By showcasing their work, I aim to highlight how real estate professionals can leverage such cost-effective resources to enhance their marketing efforts without incurring hefty expenses.


VIDEO A: $18 - Vatsal Goswami @artisticvatsal

My Grade: D


VIDEO B: $10 - Peter L @peters_edits

My Grade: A+


VIDEO C: $30 - Moya Films @moyafilms

My Grade: A+


VIDEO D: $10 - Exmall @exmallnoxturnal

My Grade: B


VIDEO E: $15 - Mayomi Fernando @mayomivideo

My Grade: F


VIDEO F: $10 - Aldyansahr @aldirmdn13

My Grade: F


VIDEO G: $10 - Husnain @mallikhasnain

My Grade: F


VIDEO H: $10 - Mandeep @rayaitmandeep

My Grade: A-


VIDEO I: $15 - Pro Editor @pro_editing_4u

My Grade: C


VIDEO J: $15 - Perazon Sco @socoprasetyo08

My Grade: F


VIDEO K: $10 - Ghazi Khan @videoeditor1379

My Grade: C+


The digital marketplace is teeming with skilled professionals ready to offer their services at competitive rates. My journey through Fiverr to find the best budget video editors proved that with a discerning eye and a strategic approach, you can uncover exceptional talent that meets both your quality standards and budgetary requirements. I encourage my fellow real estate professionals to consider these affordable video editing options, as they are a testament to the fact that great quality can indeed come at a great price.

By sharing this experience, I hope to empower you with knowledge and insights to make informed decisions in your digital marketing endeavors, ensuring you get the best value while maintaining high standards of quality in your promotional materials.


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