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Instagram Marketing For Real Estate

Updated: Jan 25

Instagram for Real Estate
Instagram for Real Estate


  1. Do you work in real estate?

  2. Do you have an Instagram account?

  3. Do you want to MASSIVELY grow your audience & engagement to get more business?

Instagram for Real Estate - Generate Organic Leads

Instagram = Stay Top-of-Mind

My Realtor partners are leveraging Instagram to stay in front of their sphere (past clients, friends, family, prospects, etc.). The best part? They're doing this on auto-pilot.

What does this mean? It means that these Realtors are "touching" roughly 800 people EVERYDAY on Instagram on automation. They are staying in front of their followers as well as any specific Instagram account(s) that they want to target!

What else is happening? This Instagram automation is driving up their own Instagram engagement and following for their own account, creating "social proof" behind their account and rapidly growing their Instagram account.

Instagram = Generate Organic Leads

Beyond just staying in front of their real estate "sphere," real estate agents are also leveraging Instagram to engage with their IDEAL AUDIENCE.

How do you find & engage with your ideal audience on Instagram...?

  • Target your audience via niche hashtags

  • Find them based on geo-location(s)

  • Research your competitors on Instagram and engage with their audience

  • So much more


So... Why am I blogging about Instagram for real estate?

... Because it actually works. Here's an example...

This Realtor (above) used my Instagram automation techniques to engage with her ideal audience who fits her hobbies, beliefs and lifestyle... resulting in actual real business... all on auto-pilot.

Instagram for YOUR Real Estate Business

  • Are you struggling to get business on Instagram?

  • Do you not have time to engage with 800 people per day? (I certainly don't LOL)

  • Are you ready to put your Instagram account on steroids & grow an audience of ideal followers?

> Reach out to me, & I'll help you.

Oh BTW... I know how to automate your...

  1. Instagram account

  2. LinkedIn account

  3. YouTube account

  4. Facebook account

  5. Pinterest account

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


- Jerad


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