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How to Run a Real Estate Ad to Your Facebook and Instagram Followers [STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL]

Updated: Jan 25

Facebook and Instagram Ads for Real Estate Agents... This full step-by-step tutorial of Facebook and Instagram ads for Real Estate 2022 including the special ad category for housing. Real Estate Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads are still one of the biggest opportunities to get business, you just need to know how to do them correctly.

You spend all this time and energy, and all this thought goes into creating this great post for Facebook and Instagram, you post it and then... Nobody really sees it.

Today, I wanna show you a super cool loophole on how you can spend just a little bit of money and still get your posts, your content out to your Instagram and Facebook followers.

Today, I wanna share with you how we're gonna basically loophole through the Instagram and Facebook algorithm by spending a little bit of money on some ads, and we can target your audience on Instagram and Facebook. Let's jump into it.

Okay, so here I am on Facebook. Go ahead and go to Top right corner, you're gonna hit the menu button. You're gonna scroll down to the section called Business Manager. Go ahead and click on Business Manager. Think of Business Manager as the hub where you connect all of your Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts, ad accounts, et cetera. This is the backend of Facebook where we can set up audience and create and run more advanced ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Once this loads, top left corner, hit the hamburger menu and click on Audiences. Once Audiences loads, we're gonna choose the option that says Create a custom audience. Go ahead and click right here. This is where the magic happens. This is where we can do all the fun, creative stuff with running ads. Today, I wanna show you the first option which is Instagram account. Let's click on Instagram account, click Next. And then we're gonna go ahead and choose our Instagram account, and then we're gonna choose this dropdown right here. And you can see right here in this dropdown, these are all the really cool ways we can target people that are engaging with our Instagram account.

Today, we're gonna choose Engage with this professional account, anyone who's liked, commented, shared, saved, viewed your profile, et cetera, we're gonna choose that. We're gonna say anyone within the last 365 days. Just go ahead and name the Instagram audience. Click Create. That's step one. Step two, now we're gonna go ahead and create another one, Custom Audience, and this time we're gonna choose Facebook Page, okay? Click Next. Go ahead and choose your page. Click the dropdown. You can see here, here's all the unique ways we can target people that are engaging with our Facebook Business Page.

I'm gonna go ahead and choose the first one, People who currently like or follow the page, then I'm gonna name it. Click create Audience. Boom, now we're done. Now, let's create the ad real quick, okay? So now we're gonna jump over to Ads Manager. Here on the left hand side, go ahead and click All tools, click Ads Manager. Let's just create an ad. Up here top left corner, click green button Create. Okay, so we're gonna choose our campaign objective. There's a lot of different objectives here.

Let's just pretend that your goal is for someone to see your ad and then they can click on a button to go to your website. So we're gonna choose Traffic. Let's go ahead and click this dropdown and name the ad. I'm gonna name it for all three levels from the campaign, the ad set, and the ad. I'm then gonna click Continue, okay? We're gonna start off at the top at the campaign level. We're gonna go ahead and hit the dropdown. If this is a housing-related ad, anything to do with housing, we need to check this box right here for Housing, okay? Next, click the Next button. All right, now we're on the ad set level.

Again, go ahead and name your ad. Let's say we're gonna drive traffic to your website, cool. Now we're gonna choose our budget. Let's go ahead and choose $1 per day. $1 per day is a great option to just slowly trickle through all of your followers and all of your fans over time so that they see your ad every once in a while, and you stay top of mind with them. Let's schedule a start and end date. Let's say, all right, let's run it for one month, February 12th to, say, March 12th. Okay, let's start it in an hour. Next, keep going down.

Now those audiences that we created earlier, we're gonna go ahead and click right in here, and we are going to grab those audiences. So go ahead and grab those audiences. Once you've selected those audiences, we'll continue down. Our assumption here is that anyone who's following you on Facebook or Instagram, they might be a potential real estate client or referral opportunity for you, so I would recommend that we just target most of the United States. Unless you have a very, very high number of followers across the country, across us the world, then it's gonna be a different conversation. But assuming no, we're gonna continue down, we're gonna leave it on automatic placements, we're then just gonna go ahead and click Next.

Now, we're gonna be on the final step where either we create our ad or we are going to choose an existing post that you already posted. So in this scenario, let's go ahead and make sure our Instagram account is connected. Continue down here. Let's just say that you already posted the post, it's ran its course, it's gotten its organic engagement, now we wanna just spend a little bit of money and get the ad out there to the rest of our audience. So let's go ahead and choose Existing Post. All right, I'm gonna go ahead now and select my post, you can choose from Facebook or Instagram.

For this scenario, I'm just gonna choose a post that I posted on my Facebook Business Page. Go ahead and select it here, click Continue. All right, next step, once you've chosen your post, scroll down and let's go ahead and add a call to action button. So I'm gonna choose the Learn More call to action button which will appear at the bottom. I've now typed out my website that anyone can visit if they want to learn more. And then now here you can see the post is loaded. You can see how the ad will appear on different feeds such Facebook or Instagram or Facebook Marketplace, all these different locations. They can be Stories, Reels, et cetera, and we are targeting our Facebook Page fans and our Instagram account engagement. So now go ahead and click Publish and you're done. The post will now push out at $1 per day for the next month, and it's going to just slowly stay top of mind with your Instagram audience and your Facebook Page audience.

I hope that was helpful. I'm Jerad Larkin with Chicago Title. Like I said, I help real estate professionals grow their business in unique ways and help them get more deals. If you'd like to talk to me about any of this or if you have any real estate marketing questions or any title or escrow questions, please contact me. I'd be happy to help you.

Also, too, if you visit my website - I share monthly video emails with real estate tools, real estate resources, real estate marketing ideas and strategies. And then I also invite everyone that is, subscribe to my upcoming classes that either I teach or I host, and you're more than welcome to sign up. If you have any questions, contact me, Jerad Larkin. I hope this was helpful.


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