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How to Purchase Phone Numbers and Email Addresses for a Real Estate Farm Area with Title Toolbox

Updated: Jan 21

Do you want to download the phone numbers and email addresses for a neighborhood that you are farming? Here's a tutorial on how to purchase contact information for your farm:


In the fast-paced world of real estate, staying ahead of the curve is essential. This guide, accompanied by a detailed video tutorial, will empower you with the tools needed to maximize your marketing efforts and elevate your real estate game.

Chapter 1: Accessing Title Toolbox

Jerad introduces us to Title Toolbox, a powerful tool for real estate professionals. Learn how to log in, navigate through the interface, and access the valuable features that will transform your marketing approach.

Chapter 2: Creating Your Farm Area

Discover the secrets of effective farming. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach using the farming boundary search tool or want Jerad to set up the farm area for you, this guide covers it all. Setting up your farm lays the groundwork for successful marketing endeavors.

Chapter 3: Obtaining Contact Information

Jerad guides you through the process of purchasing phone numbers and email addresses associated with your farm area. Uncover the steps to ensure you're equipped with the necessary data for your marketing campaigns.

Chapter 4: Premier Data and Additional Filters

Delve into the premier data screen, where you can add filters to tailor your information. Jerad explains the importance of selecting phone numbers and emails, providing insights into the pricing structure for a seamless experience.

Chapter 5: Making the Purchase

Jerad breaks down the payment process, offering tips on how to efficiently pay for the acquired data. Learn about potential refunds, ensuring you only pay for the verified contact information.

Chapter 6: Post-Purchase Steps

Discover what happens after the purchase, including receiving follow-up emails with valuable information about the success of your search. Jerad emphasizes the importance of patience during this crucial phase.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

As you wait for the follow-up email confirming the completion of your search, anticipate the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Once you receive the go-ahead, follow the steps to export your data and utilize it for targeted Facebook and Instagram ads.

Watch the Tutorial:

Embedded within this post is an exclusive tutorial by Jerad Larkin. Follow along, implement the steps, and watch as your real estate marketing endeavors reach new heights.

Are you ready to revolutionize your real estate marketing game? Watch the video, follow the guide, and let the power of data-driven marketing transform your approach.

Reach out to Jerad at for further assistance or to get started with Title Toolbox.

Remember: Success in real estate comes to those who are proactive and embrace innovation. Take the leap and unlock the secrets to effective real estate marketing today! 🏡✨


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