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How Real Estate Agents Stay Top-of-Mind on Facebook and Instagram for $1 Per Day

Updated: Jan 25

If you run any sort of business where you rely on referrals or any sort of repeat clients, repeat business, then you're gonna want to listen up because I wanna show you right now what's known as the $1 per day strategy.

What is the $1 Per Day Strategy? It's where you spend just $1 per day on Facebook and Instagram ads and you are going to target your database - the people who already have somewhat of an idea of who you are... This could be your warm leads, your past clients, all these people that you have their contact information.

I'm going to show you right now how to run targeted ads to them, and it's only gonna cost you a few pennies to stay top of mind with them on Facebook and Instagram. So, let's dive in right now. So, first of all what you're gonna do is you're gonna go ahead and go onto your computer, on your browser you're gonna go ahead and type in

Now when you go to, if you haven't created a business manager account yet, up in the top right corner you're gonna go ahead and click on create account. It will take you a few minutes to set it up. Once you set it up, you're gonna be on a screen where you can then can connect to your Facebook business page and your ads account.

Now you can see here on my screen, I'm gonna walk you through exactly how you can re-target your database and spend $1 per day on Facebook and Instagram ads. So go ahead and when business manager loads, we're gonna go to the top section where it says all tools.

This is where you can do a ton of things, and the reason we're logged in back here in business manager is because when you boost a post, if you ever boosted a post, you can access all of the great features that I'm gonna show you right now.

And the great features are in the section of the business manager account called audiences, so you can either click up here if you have audiences as a shortcut, or you can go ahead and scroll down, click on the audiences tab.

Now, once you click on the audiences tab, you're gonna create what's called a custom audience. Go ahead and click create audience here in the blue, custom audience, and this right here is the secret sauce to running retargeting advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.

There's tons of stuff we can do, we can re-target people with our website if we have a Facebook pixel set up, we can re-target people with video views, we can re-target people that clicked on our lead forms, the list goes on, there's so many things you can do back here.

Now, for today, I just want to show you targeting a customer list, your database, your sphere, anyone that you've been keeping track of, you've got their email address or their phone number and you're staying in front of them, right? 'Cause you want to get referral opportunities, you want to get repeat businesses.

So go ahead and click on customer list, click on next, next is gonna go ahead and ask you to prepare your list. Now, you want to prepare your list into four columns, okay? You're gonna have your first name, your last name, your email address number one, your phone number one, okay?

Now, if you have multiple email addresses or phone numbers, you can go ahead and add an additional column if you have more, but the very least you need first name, last name, and then either an email address or a phone number. The more data that you have on someone, the more likely it is that they're gonna be found on Facebook or Instagram, so keep that in mind as well.

So go ahead, once you've created your database go ahead and export into a CSV file, click next here on the blue tab. Most likely your list will not have a customer value, so we'll go ahead and click no. Now, we're gonna go and click next. We're gonna go ahead and upload our list, okay? I'm gonna go ahead here and click on my test list just to show you an example of retargeting a list. I'm gonna click next, okay?

Now we're gonna map the columns, so this is pretty straightforward, right? Facebook might have already mapped some of the columns for you, as you can see here, mine were already mapped. If you haven't mapped all of your columns, you're gonna click on this action needed section right here, and we're just gonna click the drop downs and match them up. So first name column, right?

We're gonna match that with first name, last name column, we're gonna match that with last name, email number three, we're gonna match that with email, and that's really all it, we've got phone numbers, emails. You can map up to so many emails and phone numbers so go ahead, if you have more than one email or phone number, include that so you can increase your chances of finding your database on Facebook and Instagram. Now we're gonna upload the list, this will take a few minutes to upload.

Once that's done, your information has been hashed, okay? And it's gonna show you how many rows have been uploaded of contacts, and then you're done. So right now you can see here, right, I've got past lists, but you can now re-target these lists of these people by going over into your ads manager and creating a Facebook and/or an Instagram ad, okay? And just target those people.

And because it's so defined, right, and you're spending say $1 a day, you're only hitting the exact people that you want to hit on that list. And we usually run these ads, right, depending on how big they are, a couple of weeks, maybe once a month. I moved through this pretty fast, if you have any questions on this or you want to sit down one-on-one, reach out to me, Jerad Larkin.

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