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HACK: Download Your Facebook Friends' BIRTHDAYS Instantly

Updated: Jan 25

Instantly download all of your Facebook Friends' BIRTHDAYS from Facebook with this secret hack. NEVER miss a birthday again! Your Facebook friends' birthdays can be imported into your calendar and your CRM. I break down exactly how to download Facebook birthdays and how to get them into your CRM in less than 5 minutes.

Have you ever wanted to download all of your Facebook friends' birthdays off of Facebook?

Well, in this video I'm going to show you exactly how to do that with one quick download with just a few quick steps.

Our first step to downloading your Facebook friends' birthdays off of Facebook is installing a Chrome extension. You need to go ahead and open up Chrome or download Chrome onto your computer, then visit this Chrome extension, the web store called the Birthday Calendar Exporter for Facebook.

We're going to go ahead and add the extension to Chrome. Next step now, once it's installed, we're going to jump over to our Facebook. Now we're going to go ahead and click on our extensions here. We're going to click on the Birthday Calendar Exporter extension, and we're going to click start scan.

Now, this is going to scan through all of your friends on Facebook, every single person they can find a birthday for. If they have a birthday listed, it's going to find it so that we can download it. Now, if they don't have one listed or shared, we can't download it. Some people only share their day and their month, some people share their day, month and year they were born. Once this finish scanning, we're then going to be able to download the entire list.

All right, so it looks like the extension just finished scanning now, and now it looks like it's telling us that it has pretty much downloaded everything. This attention screen does pop up. I just ignore it because I still have found that I do receive most of the birthdays. Now I jump over here, this calendar generator tab right here, and then over here on the calendar you can see all the names separated by day for each person's birthday. We want to click on calendar generator. We then want to click on download as a CSV file, generate and download. We're just going to save this now.

Boom! And just like that, we now have all of our Facebook birthdays. That's it. You have now downloaded your Facebook friends' birthdays off of Facebook.

Now, I'm not going to stop there, though, because the hard part is matching up the birthdays to anyone who's already in your CRM that exists.

The final step I want to share with you now is how out to quickly match up the birthdays to your contacts in your CRM. If you look here on my screen, you can actually see my fake CRM and you can see I have already typed out and imported the birthdays. And what I want to show you is when you import the birthdays to a spreadsheet, it's going to share the name, it's going to share the year, the month and the day.

The first step I want to do is I want to combine the full date of birth into one column. You can see here I use this formula where I added the and symbol, and then I add in parentheses so that I can plug in the full birthdate.

Once you've done that and you've completed that formula the next step is to apply what's called a V lookup formula, which will automatically match up each birthday to the name associated to that rub. You can see here, I just completed a V lookup formula. You can see right here it's going to match up each person's birthday. I'm going to share with you real quick how we do it. If I type in equal sign, I type in V lookup, it then wants me to plug in this cell that it wants me to look up and find; in this scenario, it's going to be my buddy Mike Jones. We're going to click on Mike Jones, we're then going to click the comma. Now it's telling me, all right, where should we search for this data for Mike Jones? I'm going to jump over to my B-days tab. I'm going to go ahead and highlight all of the columns all the way down to the bottom, and then I'm going to hit comma.

And then lastly, it's asking, all right, what data do we want to match up to Mike Jones? In this scenario, it's going to be the date of births. In this scenario, it's going to be column number five, so we're going to plug in column number five. And then lastly, it wants me to know do we want to find an exact match or somewhat of an exact match?

And the answer of this, in my opinion, is going to be an exact match so we type in the word false, F-A-L-S-E, we then close the formula, we press enter, and just like that, boom, we now have Mike Jones' data. And you can see here up in the formula column, you can see I just dragged this down and now I've got everyone's birthdays instantly matched up to their row in my CRM.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. I'm always looking for new ideas, feedback for more videos to create that are going to be helpful for real estate professionals.

And of course, if you want to be invited to my upcoming classes or if you'd like to receive other videos of value like these, visit my website, where I share real estate tools, resources and marketing strategies to help real estate professionals. And that's it.

Have a great day. Hope this was helpful!


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