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Effortless Net Sheet Calculations: A Realtor's Guide to Success with the Chicago Agent App

Updated: Jan 21

Are you a real estate agent looking to streamline your workflow and impress your sellers with accurate net sheet calculations in record time? Well, you're in luck! In my latest video tutorial, I, Jerad Larkin, aka your Mile High Title Guy, share invaluable insights on mastering net sheets using the Chicago Agent App.

Why Net Sheets Matter: Before we dive in, let's quickly understand why net sheets are crucial. As a real estate professional, providing your sellers with precise estimates of their proceeds is key to building trust and fostering successful transactions. The Chicago Agent App simplifies this process, allowing you to present clear and professional net sheets with ease.

Accessing the Chicago Agent App: First things first, download the Chicago Agent App or reach out to me at Chicago Title for exclusive access. This powerful tool is not only user-friendly but also free, making it a must-have for real estate agents seeking efficiency.

Navigating the Net Sheet Tab: In the video, I guide you through the app, demonstrating how to use the Net Sheet tab efficiently. From adding the property address to pulling in relevant data such as tax records and loan information, the app does the heavy lifting, saving you valuable time.

Estimating Loan Payoffs: One of the highlights is the ability to estimate loan payoffs, even if you're unsure about existing loans on the property. With the Chicago Agent App, you can input your best guess for interest rates and loan amounts, providing a solid foundation for your net sheet calculations.

Customizing Calculations: The app doesn't stop at basic calculations. I walk you through customizing calculations for broker fees, repairs, and more. Whether you prefer a detailed breakdown or a simplified presentation, the Chicago Agent App allows you to tailor net sheets to your style and client preferences.

Creating Professional PDFs: Once your calculations are complete, it's time to impress your clients with a professional presentation. The app enables you to convert your data into a sleek PDF, complete with customizable templates. Choose a style that suits your branding and communication style, enhancing your overall professional image.

Final Steps and Contact: In the concluding steps, I guide you on sharing your net sheet – whether via email, download, print, or even through social media. It's a seamless process that ensures your clients receive the information they need promptly. Remember, net sheets are estimates, and it's crucial to communicate this to your clients.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to me, Jerad Larkin, with Chicago Title. I'm here to help you succeed in your real estate endeavors.

In conclusion, the Chicago Agent App is a game-changer for real estate professionals aiming for efficiency and professionalism. Download it today, follow my tutorial, and elevate your net sheet game!


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