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What Is An Ownership And Encumbrance Report? Why Do You Need an O&E?

Updated: Jan 25

An Ownership and Encumbrance Report verifies the current vested owner(s) of the property from the last property purchase to the most current effective date in the property records, reports unreleased mortgages and judgments, and provides tax status (when available).

An O&E report includes:

  • the property legal description

  • the property owner's name(s)

  • a name search for a judgment, liens, and any unreleased loans on the property

The Ownership & Encumbrance (O&E) Report is NOT insurance or a title examination.


➡️ Contact Jerad Larkin with Chicago Title for help with ordering an Ownership & Encumbrance (O&E) Report.


Are you looking to pull an Ownership and Encumbrance report for a specific property?

If so, you're watching the right video. And today I'm gonna show you exactly how to do that, right now.

I'm Jerad Larkin with Chicago Title - and if you haven't already reached out to me yet, about pulling what we call an O&E report, go ahead and contact me, and I'll set you up with access to a system where you can pull your own O&E reports, for as little as just $5. So I'm gonna walk you through right now, the system that we use, it's called Value Check, so that you can pull an Ownership and Encumbrance report.

If you don't know what an Ownership and Encumbrance report is, an Ownership and Encumbrance report or an O&E report, includes the owner's names, the legal description, and a name search for liens and judgements, and any unreleased loans. So this is important to you, maybe if you have an upcoming listing, or you need more information on a property, you can pull this through us, through Chicago Title.

And typically you're gonna have this report turned around to you within one business day, or less. Now I'm gonna go ahead, and show you how to go ahead and pull this report on your own, through a system that we call ValueCheck. You'll receive an email, with a temporary password with your email.

Go ahead and log in, click the link. You can change your password if you like. But what you'll see is when this page loads, you'll go ahead, log in with your temporary information, click login now. Once that loads, there's gonna be a pretty simple landing page, where you're just gonna search for your property.

So let's go ahead and just type in a property here. Once that loads, you're now within Value Check, and you can see information on the property. If you just need an O&E report, up here at the top, right, we're gonna click on Place an Order. Click Place an Order. Once that loads, then you've got a few options.

You're gonna wanna check the O&E order box, and then you're gonna want to choose, most likely, in most circumstances, the O&E report option for $5. The first time, you have to register all of your information, make sure the property address is accurate. Everything's correct. Click continue.

You will plug in your credit card information, and then you will order the report, and then it will be done. You should receive the report within one business day or less.

If you have any questions on ValueCheck or O&E reports, or need help with anything else, please contact me, Jerad Larkin with Chicago Title. I'd be happy to help you however I can. I hope this was helpful, and I'll see you in another video soon.


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