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Revolutionize Your Real Estate Database with Title Toolbox: A Comprehensive Guide for Agents

Updated: Jan 21

In the dynamic world of real estate, having a robust and well-curated database is a game-changer for success. In this blog post, we'll delve into an essential tool for real estate agents – Title Toolbox by Chicago Title. Join Jerad Larkin as he unveils the power of this tool and demonstrates how it can transform your database by filling in missing data.

Chapter 1: Unlocking Title Toolbox's Potential Jerad begins by introducing us to the Chicago Title's Title Toolbox, an invaluable resource that empowers real estate agents to access data on properties across the entire United States. Whether it's residential or commercial, Title Toolbox is a goldmine of information waiting to be explored.

Chapter 2: Navigating Title Toolbox Jerad guides us through the process of accessing Title Toolbox, emphasizing the significance of reaching out to him for access. Once inside, he directs users to the farming tab, where the magic happens.

Chapter 3: The Upload Feature - Your Database's Best Friend A highlight of Title Toolbox is its upload feature. Jerad walks us through the importance of this feature, demonstrating how it can fill in missing data in our property lists. He emphasizes the critical role formatting plays in ensuring a smooth process.

Chapter 4: Formatting Tips for Success Understanding the importance of proper formatting, Jerad showcases an example spreadsheet, emphasizing the need for zip codes and property addresses. He simplifies the process, making it accessible for real estate agents seeking to optimize their databases.

Chapter 5: Uploading and Processing - The Magic Unfolds With the formatted list ready, Jerad demonstrates the upload process into Title Toolbox. He explains the subsequent steps, reassuring users that the system will process as much data as possible and notify them via email.

Chapter 6: Accessing Your Farm Area Once the data is processed, Jerad shows how to access the farm area through Title Toolbox. This step ensures that the uploaded information is readily available for further exploration.

Chapter 7: Pulling Contact Information Jerad transitions into the next crucial step – pulling contact information. He illustrates how agents can obtain phone numbers and email addresses for their properties, enhancing their ability to connect with potential leads.

Chapter 8: Purchasing Premium Data For those seeking an extra edge, Jerad explains how to purchase premium data, including phone numbers and email addresses. He breaks down the costs, encouraging users to invest wisely in enhancing their database.

Chapter 9: Waiting for Data Extraction Acknowledging the anticipation, Jerad advises patience as the system extracts data, ensuring users receive accurate and comprehensive results. This live data extraction process is vital for obtaining the most up-to-date information.

Chapter 10: Downloading Your Information Once the data extraction is complete, Jerad guides users through the final step – downloading the enriched information. Whether for general use or specific marketing strategies, this step ensures you have the data you need at your fingertips.

Conclusion: Jerad concludes the guide, reminding agents that the power of Title Toolbox extends beyond data extraction. It's a comprehensive solution for optimizing databases, enhancing communication, and ultimately boosting success in the competitive real estate landscape.

Closing Note: For those eager to explore Title Toolbox and transform their real estate database, reach out to Jerad Larkin at

Jerad is not only a guide through Title Toolbox but also a valuable resource for all your title and escrow needs.

Stay tuned to for more insightful videos, tools, and resources tailored for the real estate community in Colorado.


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