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Remote Online Notary (RON) - Real Estate Closing Explained

Updated: Jan 25

Learn the Remote Online Notary process for real estate closings and how to be prepared for a remote online notarization. RON closings are convenient for real estate transactions. Online e-closings with a notary have several requirements before completion. Chicago Title offers remote online notaries in Colorado.

Today I wanna talk to you about a topic in the real estate industry that I personally don't think Is shared and discussed enough when it comes to the actual closing of a transaction, and that topic today is the Remote Online Notary, also known as RON.

Here at Chicago Title, we offer remote online notaries for our transactions. This is especially great for your seller, maybe if they are out of state, or maybe they're just very busy, or they're working all the time during business hours, and it's very difficult to get them to schedule maybe an in-person closing.

So you could use Remote Online Notary, and quite frankly, there's really just four main requirements in order to access and book Remote Online Notary. The first one is you gotta have a device, right? A computer, a tablet, a phone, that has a working camera and a working audio system, so that we can communicate.

Number two, is you gotta have good internet, right? And then number three, is you gotta have a Social Security Number, and then lastly, number four, is you gotta have a government-issued ID that you're gonna share during the online notary process, just to verify you are who you are, right?

So that's the four steps, and then what's great about the Remote Online Notary process is that you can book any time of day, Monday through Friday, and then also there's times on Saturday, so the flexibility is great.

You'll basically get set up with an account, you'll sign in, you'll test your computers, you'll test your audio, you'll show your government-issued ID, just to verify your identity, and then you'll get placed into a waiting room, and then you'll quickly get matched with an online notary who will then help with the transaction.

It's a very dialed-in process at this point. I highly recommend considering it when working with your clients, especially, if it's the right fit for them.

If you've got any questions about the Remote Online Notary process, feel free to reach out to me, Jerad Larkin, with Chicago Title, happy to share more.

If you've got any title, escrow, or real estate marketing questions, again, reach out to me, I'd be happy to help.

If you found this video helpful, and you wanna learn more about other videos, and tools and resources, that I'm sharing, check out my website, I send out two video emails per month, just sharing valuable tools and resources, for real estate agents and lenders.

Thanks so much. Later. Bye.


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