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Real Estate Calculator for Realtors | Chicago Agent One App

Updated: Jan 25

The Chicago Agent App helps Realtors quickly calculate estimates for both buyers and sellers.

Seller Calculators: Regardless of price, neighborhood, or motivation, every seller wants to know the same thing: what will I net? Run a net sheet from anywhere in seconds.

Buyer Calculators: Calculate the two numbers your buyers care about most: total monthly payment (PITI) and closing costs.

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For you as a real estate agent, you probably get asked the question all the time by your sellers. "Hey, how much money am I going to net "once this transaction closes?"

"How much money am I going to take home?"

I've got a really easy solution for you so that whenever you get asked that question, you can do it in a matter of seconds - it's called the ChicagoAgent ONE app. You can download it right now. It's free.


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