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Quickly Create a Real Estate Website that Generates Leads

Updated: Jan 25

If you're looking to create a real estate website that is easy to set up and very affordable to use, then I want to share a resource with you right now, called Kaydoh.

Kaydoh helps real estate agents stand out and win deals, using dynamic websites that provide a unique, personalized experience, to help you target a specific audience and capture leads.

Kaydoh was actually designed for the average agent, who isn't really tech savvy and needs a social media presence. Or the type of agent that is just looking to expand their personal brand, by highlighting their best work.

Kaydoh is a very much like a plug and play website, where all you got to do is upload your content to a website template and that's it. The website's done.

Not only are realtors using Kaydoh to quickly build their own real estate website, but they're also using the website platform to stand out by creating all sorts of different websites. Such as pre-listing portfolio websites, neighborhood portfolios, buyer agent portfolios, team recruiting portfolios, listing portfolios, and the list goes on. I personally really like the idea of quickly creating a pre-listing portfolio before a meeting with a potential seller.

For example, check out this one right here. This agent quickly uploaded a personalized video, that's showing him at the top of the website. And then down below the video, the realtor shares some different resources, such as a CMA, his listing presentation, and other valuable resources for that seller.

If you're watching this right now and want to learn more about Kaydoh and how it might be valuable for you and your real estate business, go ahead and just click the link below. And then lastly, if you like Kaydoh and decide that you do actually want to sign up for it, let me know. I can get you a 50% referral discount.

As of the recording of this video, Kaydoh charges $60 per month for it's retail pricing. Although if you sign up through my referral link, you'll get 50% off and you'll only be charged $30 per month.

If you want to receive more tips like this, that give valuable video information on real estate tools, resources, marketing strategies, as well as invites to upcoming classes that I'm teaching, or hosting, sign up on my website,


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