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Protecting Your Real Estate Transactions from Wire Fraud

In today's digital age, wire fraud remains a significant threat in real estate transactions. Despite ongoing awareness efforts, even experienced real estate agents can fall victim to these scams. We recently sat down with Dan Thrasher from Chicago Title to discuss essential tips for safeguarding your transactions against wire fraud.

Understanding Wire Fraud in Real Estate:

Wire fraud involves scammers intercepting and altering wire transfer instructions to divert funds to fraudulent accounts. This type of fraud can have devastating financial consequences for buyers, sellers, and agents.

Key Tips to Prevent Wire Fraud:

  1. Educate Your Clients Early: From the start of the transaction, inform your clients about the risks of wire fraud. Emphasize the importance of verifying wire instructions through trusted sources.

  2. Verify Wire Instructions: Always obtain wire instructions directly from the title company's verified phone number and contact. Ensure that clients understand the importance of this step.

  3. Avoid Accepting Updates via Unverified Channels: Warn clients against accepting updated wire instructions via email or phone without thorough verification. Scammers often use these methods to trick individuals into sending money to fraudulent accounts.

  4. Double-Check Any Changes: If there are any changes to wire instructions, advise clients to contact the title company immediately using previously verified contact information. Confirm any updates through a secure and trusted communication channel.

  5. Maintain Hypervigilance: Encourage clients to remain vigilant throughout the transaction. By staying alert and cautious, they can better identify potential fraud attempts and take preventive measures.


Wire fraud is a persistent threat in the real estate industry, but with the right precautions, you can protect yourself and your clients. By educating clients, verifying instructions, and maintaining vigilance, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to these scams.

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If you have any questions about wire fraud or need assistance with title and escrow services, please reach out to us at Chicago Title. We're here to help you navigate the complexities of real estate transactions and keep your investments safe.


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