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Mobile Earnest Money Deposit EXPLAINED

Updated: Jan 25

Mobile Earnest Money Deposit allows buyers to enjoy the safety and ease of depositing their earnest money from the convenience of their smartphone.

Earnest Money Deposits from your smartphone are EASY and this video will show you how to deposit your earnest money on your phone.

ONLY Qualification: The client just needs to provide their phone number & email address (for verification purposes)

**Personal Check & Cashier's Check Accepted

Chicago Title uses advanced security protocols and multi-factor identification to initiate a secure digital opening experience with buyers and sellers. An intuitive, question-based information collection process guides consumers through providing and confirming necessary information. Information on wire safety and specific wiring instructions are also delivered securely for consumers to review.

Today, we're talking about depositing your earnest money check, and not physically doing it, but doing it mobilely, okay?

If you didn't know this, Chicago Title, we can deposit your earnest money check mobiley just as if you're depositing a check via into a bank with your phone. You can do the same thing.

So all you gotta do is just check this out right here. Your escrow officer can send you a link. Then you'll just click the link and basically, take the front and back photo of the earnest money check, and then it's deposited, and you're good to go.

So now you don't have to drive to an office if you got a tight deadline. Just do the mobile earnest money deposit. A lotta real estate agents don't know about this.

Hope that was helpful. If you have any questions, reach out to me, Jerad Larkin, Chicago Title.

Any title, escrow, or marketing questions, reach out to me. Happy to help. Have a great day!


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