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Mindset Matters Podcast Interview With Jimmy Everetts with Everetts lending

Episode 53: Jerad Larkin, Living Like Life Truly is an Adventure, Chicago Title in Denver

"On this episode of Mindset Matters, my friend, colleague and adventurer Jerad Larkin sat down with me to share the tail of his life. I admit, I thought I knew a fair share about Jerad, but this is a man who has fit a lot of accomplishment into a short amount of time. From a generous spirit and healthy work ethic at an early age, he shared his early years spent on that included ski slopes and entreprenuership. He dives into how he arrived in Colorado to attend the University of Denver and eventually meet his soulmate. He was also kind enough to share how he become both a master of travel hacking which has allowed he and his wife to see so much of the world, but also at creating amazing video stories to tie into that. Along the way, Jerad has created one of the strongest personal brands in real estate and title in Denver, all while growing a family that recently expanded by two beautiful twin girls born in April. He is the epitome of a good man, doing good things, and receiving good in turn. "

His story... starts now! 720-979-8742 IG: @jimmythesaint5280


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