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How to Create a Real Estate Facebook Friends List

Updated: Jan 25

There are PLENTY of ways for real estate agents to generate leads on Facebook, and today I want to focus on how you can ORGANICALLY stay top-of-mind with your real estate database in your Facebook news feed.

Here’s the problem that most real estate agents make when using social media. And yes, we’re all guilty of it, myself included. We get in the habit of jumping on social media, scrolling the feed, throwing out a couple of likes and comments, and we have NO STRATEGY to staying top of mind with our repeat clients and referral opportunities.

One of the many questions I get when working with Realtors is, “How do I keep tabs on what my clients are doing when I have so many people that I'm connected with on Facebook?

Well, the solution to this problem is to use Facebook like it’s your real estate CRM, and we do this by creating Facebook Friends Lists. Why? Because these custom friends lists are like CRM tags that allow you to filter your Facebook newsfeed. Once you have created these friends lists, you can quickly prospect and stay in front of them. Here’s how you do it...

In order to create a Facebook friends list, you'll need to be logged into your personal Facebook account on the computer. From your home page, click on the “Menu” button and click on the “Friends” tab. Next, on the left side, click on “Custom Lists.” I've been using Facebook lists for a long time, so you’ll see that I've got a bunch on here, but your screen will most likely be empty. Here is an example of one of my lists. I can add and remove friends to the list by editing the list and typing in their names.

If I want to create a new list, I can click, “Create List” and get started with making a new list, and then start to add Facebook friends.

If you’re a real estate agent, some good ideas for custom lists might be your… current clients, your past clients, your affiliates and vendors in your network, people in your farm area, and maybe your past or active referral sources.

Once you have your lists created, you will want to continue to add to them as you grow your network and add more friends on Facebook. Here’s how you add a Facebook friend to a friends list after a friend request has been accepted:

Visit the Facebook profile of your new friend, and right next to the “Message” and the icon that looks like a phone, you’ll see the “Friends” icon. Click on “Friends” and then click “Edit Friends List.” This is where I can add this person to a list. I can add them to as many lists as I want. Once you have your Facebook custom friends lists created, you can now keep tabs on everyone.

Another important reason why you should have Facebook custom friends lists for your real estate business is so that you can quickly invite them to all of your Facebook events. Whether you’re planning an Open House, a neighborhood event, or a client appreciation party, you can quickly invite all of your custom Friends Lists with a single click, instead of having to search for them one by one and invite them to your events.

I hope this was valuable, and if you have any questions or suggestions on real estate marketing topics that you’d like to learn more about, send me a message, I’d love to hear from you!

Lastly, if you’d like to receive more marketing tips like this, and learn about other useful tools and resources to help you grow your business, visit my website,, and sign up for my video email newsletters.


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