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Best Direct Mail Companies for Real Estate Agents

Updated: Jan 25

I share the BEST DIRECT MAIL companies for real estate agents in 2023. These direct mail companies are perfect for real estate FARMING and staying top of mind with your CLIENTS. Direct mail can be effective when you have a mailer with a unique value proposition and call to action.

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📬 Here are my top 5 favorite direct mail companies for real estate agents, lenders, and investors...

1.) - Perfect for sending prospects to a website or social media platform. Every QR code printed on every mailer is unique and trackable. 📲

2.) - Great for sending a customized home valuation report. The QR codes are also trackable. These are basically the "Homebot" of direct mail. 🔎

3.) - Easy "set it and forget it" 12-month direct mail campaigns that are localized to CO. They send mailers like the: farmers market schedules, hiking trails, sports games schedules, etc. 🏔

4.) - Handwritten letters that are stamped and have high open rates. Great move for real estate investors, wholesalers, flippers, etc. 📤

5.) - Known for sending direct mail with local freebies and discounts to local businesses in your neighborhood. Ideal for sending to your Sphere of Influence. 🎟

👇🏼 What's your favorite direct mail company?


I have personally been sending direct mail for over a year now, and I want to share with you the top five direct mail companies that I think are personally the best.

First, number one favorite direct mail resource is - is great because you can send them with a customized QR code that can be tracked for every single person you send a piece of mail to and you can send 'em to anywhere on the internet and they've got this cool handwriting. Where you can choose from a bunch of different fonts.

Number two is CoreFact. CoreFact is famous for its tracking technology right here where every single mailer sent will be a separate map with that person's home lit up on the map with the actual properties that have sold around the home with a QR code tracking technology that basically sends that person to a rough estimated valuation landing page of their website.

Number three is White Knight Marketing. I like White Knight Marketing because it's easy. Set it and forget it. They send out the sports game schedules, farmers markets, things to do in the spring, and all sorts of fun little things to do for every single month.

Number four is Robot Ink Marketing. Robot Ink Marketing is famous for their handwritten envelopes with an actual stamp on the front of the letter, and everything is handwritten on the front and inside.

Number five is Boomerang Marketing. Boomerang is really, I think, great for sending mail to your sphere. They're known for sending personalized, customized, localized discounts, coupons, and freebies. For things going on in the neighborhood for restaurants, businesses.

That's five direct mail resources. I hope that was helpful. If you have any questions, reach out to me. Jerad Larkin, Chicago Title.

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