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Slam Dunk Success: Highlights from the 3rd Annual March Madness Hangout with Chicago Title

The 3rd Annual March Madness Hangout, hosted by Chicago Title at Milwaukee Street Tavern, was a spectacular event that brought together the best of basketball and networking. As a key figure at Chicago Title, I am thrilled to share the highlights and express my gratitude to the real estate professionals who joined us for this exciting occasion.

Celebrating March Madness with Chicago Title

🏀 Epic Basketball and Networking: The event was a perfect blend of thrilling March Madness basketball and quality networking, providing an ideal atmosphere for real estate professionals to connect and relax.

Gratitude for Our Real Estate Community

A heartfelt thank you to all the real estate friends who made the event a success. Your presence and enthusiasm contributed to the lively and enjoyable atmosphere, making it a memorable day for everyone involved.

The Best of Basketball and Real Estate Networking

The Milwaukee Street Tavern provided the perfect backdrop for the event, with great screens to watch the games and a comfortable setting for networking and discussions. The excitement of March Madness added an extra layer of enjoyment to our gathering, creating a buzz that only this tournament can bring.

Looking Forward to Next Year

The success of this year’s event has us already looking forward to next year’s March Madness Hangout. We can’t wait to continue this tradition, offering an even bigger and better experience for our real estate community.


The 3rd Annual March Madness Hangout was more than just a sports viewing event; it was a celebration of community, camaraderie, and the spirit of competition. As we reflect on the great moments shared, we are reminded of the strong bonds within the Denver real estate community and the value of coming together to celebrate shared interests and achievements.


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