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3 Free Real Estate Social Media Resources For Agents

Updated: Jan 25

💥 Realtors 👉 Here are 3 FREE RESOURCES for Social Media content creation. We're talking...

  1. Customized Infographics

  2. Personalized Video Templates

  3. Free Daily Blog Posts

  4. Facebook/Instagram Ad Templates

  5. Much More...

3 Social Media Resources I Share...

Here are three resources that you can use right now to create customized social media content for your real estate business.

And guess what? They're pretty much completely free.

Number one. Okay, it's gonna be right here, let's make it appear. This is it. The ChicagoAgent app from Chicago Title. It's completely free to download. Reach out to me. If you want access to it. I'll sign you up for completely free. It has an entire social media section. I put a little video up here. Check out all these infographics that we're looking at right now.

They're all customized to you, your headshot, your logo, your business. This content is updated every single month. ChicagoAgent App, check it out. I say almost free because it's a dollar a month, okay? $1 a month, you get access to all this stuff, all these infographics. Our agents love it.

Number two is Shout out to Eric Sachs if you're watching this. I Love Eric Sachs. is amazing. It's a free resource website. Check it out, sign up.

You get access to everything. It's all customized, whether you need listing presentations, social media content, video stuff, whatever, fill in the blank. It's an incredible resource for everything you need, really real estate-related. I love it, it's amazing. Breakthrough Broker. Check it out.

And lastly, number three is Keeping Current Matters. right here. They've got a free version, they also have a paid version. You get a ton of access to all their resources just for creating an account, and signing up for free. Tons of stuff in here.

Those are three great resources for creating social media content, immediately, today, that's really valuable for your real estate business.

I'm Jerad Larkin with Chicago Title. I hope this was helpful. If you have any real estate marketing questions, title, escrow questions, please reach out to me.

If you'd like to learn more about other things. I'm sharing marketing tools, resources, ideas for real estate agents like yourself, check out my website,, and sign up for my video, email, and newsletters. They look like this right here. Check this one out. Just sharing value.

Get access to my upcoming classes. I'm teaching, hosting tons of classes. If you need CE credits, whatever, fill in the blank. I hope this is helpful. Till next time, bye.


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